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You can trust Jeffrey Feiler. The Feiler Marijuana Law Firm is a preeminent resource for present and burgeoning medical marijuana laws in Florida as well as Colorado, where the path for medical marijuana legislation was paved. As an experienced medical marijuana lawyer whose experience goes back to the very beginning of American medical marijuana legalization, Jeffrey Feiler is at the forefront of the ever-changing marijuana legislation in Florida. Jeffrey Feiler is also quite active in the community as a member of the Board of United for Care.

We specialize in providing legal advice and consultations in the medical marijuana field. Medical marijuana business owners, growers, sellers, caregivers, patients, and doctors can rely on us to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of medical marijuana in Florida.

To learn more about what to expect in Florida, Colorado, and Federally as the laws change, you can rely on the Feiler Marijuana Law Firm. Join us in securing your future in the medical marijuana industry. Contact Jeffrey Feiler at (305) 662-5663 today!

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