2018 Florida Legislative Session in Regard to Medical Marijuana

Posted on March 07, 2018 by Jeffrey Feiler

This marks the final week of the 2018 Florida Legislative Session. SB 1134 is on the Senate Floor with the House Bill already passed to modify the Black Farmers provision related to MMTC licensing, effectively eliminating membership in the Association from being a requirement. There have also been two proposed Amendments, as well as new DOH rules in response to Committee directives. See the attached links for further information. The "no smoke is a joke" lawsuit to allow Cannabis to be smoked is set for a Court hearing on May 16th.

Current Florida Numbers:
Patients 83,503
Physicians: 1,186

On Monday and Tuesday there are hearings for dosing and edibles in Miami and Orlando. Interested Physicians and Patients may wish to participate.

3/9 - 2018 Legislative Session Ends
3/12 - DOH Edibles/Dosing Workshop Miami (Monday, 9-Noon)
3/13 - DOH Edibles/Dosing Workshop Orlando (Tuesday, 9-Noon)
3/20 - DOH Lab Testing Workshop Jacksonville (Tuesday, 1-4 PM)
3/21 - Home Grow Hearing
3/23 - DOH Pesticide Hearing #2

Thank you to our colleagues at Florida For Care for the links which follow.

I suggest you donate to this Organization which is the leader in Florida
medical marijuana.

Bills moving in legislature right now:

HB 6049 Jones/Rodrigues

SB 1134 Rouson/Bradley/Young

Rouson Amendment

Rader Amendment

DOH new rules can be viewed here

  • Broward, Florida
  • Miami-Dade, Florida
  • Palm Beach, Florida