24 Nurseries Apply for Florida's Medical Marijuana Licenses

Posted on July 15, 2015 by Jeffrey Feiler

Applications to become a Low-THC Dispensing Organization (Senate Bill1030) were due by July 8, 2015. Twenty-four (24) nurseries applied and are presently competing for the five (5) Regional Licenses.

The prevailing Licensees will be permitted to distribute the medication throughout the State of Florida. Some doctors who wish to be qualified to write recommendations for medical marijuana have taken the educational course required by the Department of Health.

A registry will be created whereby patients will become qualified to receive the medication. The low-THC medical marijuana is non-euphoric and will be used to primarily treat patients with seizure and muscle spasm disorders.

Because of the lack of THC the medication will not be effective in treating the majority of pain disorders to which patients in most other States have access.

People United for Care are educating law makers and hope to see Legislation in early 2016. Otherwise, a Constitutional Amendment, similar to the one which almost passed in 2014 will again appear on the ballot in 2016 during the Presidential election.

With greater voter turnout proponents of the Amendment believe that it will pass in November of 2016. The law will also presumably expand the monopolistic five (5) licenses to a greater number of entrepreneurs who wish to become involved in ownership of dispensaries, cultivation and production businesses.

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