Cannabis Legal in Colorado to Recreational Users

Posted on January 02, 2014 by Jeffrey Feiler

It is encouraging to see the lawful sale of cannabis in Colorado to recreational users. I believe people should have a right to choose how they live their lives in the privacy of their homes. Cannabis use in Colorado is prohibited in public places.

People have been consuming cannabis for centuries around the world both for enlightenment and medication. It is only in this century that the substance was made illegal. Nevertheless, millions of people in this nation continued to enjoy using Cannabis even though they had to hide from authorities to do so. An absurd number of people were imprisoned for personal use.

Cannabis is unquestionably a better alternative than alcohol. Alcohol is truly the "gateway" drug responsible for violence and health issues. These days, many people use Cannabis either by vaporizing or in infused edible products both of which are healthier methods of consumption.

Recent studies confirm the positive medicinal uses of the drug. Through strict State regulation, Cannabis will not be sold to minors and will raise substantial tax revenue which can be used for education and other positive Government programs. The nation is trending toward the legalization of Cannabis with almost half the States having Medical marijuana laws on the books or in process.

I believe we will see more states follow Colorado and Washington State decriminalize Cannabis and the Federal Government downgrading the classification of the substance, making exceptions for Medical use, making exceptions for use in States where it has been legalized, easing banking regulations to support the industry, and tolerating the lawful businesses which follow the rules.

The State of Florida may have a Constitutional Amendment to consider in 2014 assuming the Florida Supreme Court permits the pending measure to appear on the ballot and the necessary signatures are certified before February 5, 2014.

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