Enough Signatures Have Been Gathered to Place Medical Marijuana on the Florida Ballot

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Jeffrey Feiler

United for Care has reached the amount of signatures necessary to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. Florida's Division of Elections has confirmed that election supervisors have certified nearly 711,000 valid signatures. This count is above the 693,149 signatures necessary to place the measure on the ballot.

Despite reaching the required amount of signatures, the Florida Supreme Court still has to approve the ballot language. They are expected to publish the decision before April 1, 2014. If they approve the language then the measure will be placed on the ballot for Floridians to vote for this November.

If the Court disapproves the language it is unclear what may happen. The court may just require that the language be changed, and allow it to be placed on the ballot with their final approval. The Court may also require that United for Care gather new signatures reflecting the changes made to the ballot language, a move that may kill the measure by default, because the deadline to collect signatures would have already passed.

If the ballot language is ultimately approved then it will be up to Florida voters to decide whether Florida will be the 21st state to legalize medical marijuana. The Florida Constitution requires that constitutional amendments pass by 60% of the vote. Current polls indicate that over half of Floridians support a measure to legalize medical marijuana. A poll by Public Policy Polling indicates that 65% of Florida voters support medical marijuana. Another poll by Quinnipiac University suggests that 82% over Florida voters support medical marijuana.

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