Jeffrey Feiler Participates in Health Department Hearing Regarding Compassionate Cannabis Act

Posted on July 21, 2014 by Jeffrey Feiler

At the break of the new Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act in which the state of Florida approved low-THC and high-CBD cannabis for limited medical purposes, the Health Department held the first hearing with marijuana industry-related parties to go over their first draft of rules regarding the law. At the hearing, there was broad discussion about how the medicine was to be grown and dispensed throughout the state, as it is necessary to set the ground rules on the specific ways in which the law is to be put into place.

As The Feiler Firm is always up to date about medical marijuana laws in Florida, we were sure to be a part of this hearing, just as we intend to be a part of every other afterward to revise the drafts of the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act until it reaches its optimal point of usability by both nurseries and patients. Our own, Jeffrey Feiler, was a part of this hearing, and voiced some of our concerns when it comes to the application of the new legislation.

In a two-part intervention before the Florida Health Department, Jeffrey Feiler voiced different applications of the first draft of rulings, such as the lottery process as potentially discouraging for applicant nurseries. However, two particular themes stood out in his interventions: the location of the different dispensaries and the time lapses set for nurseries between selection and dispensing. Let's cover these two points separately to best explain what we mean by them.

Feiler's first concern revolved around the debate of having one dispensary or multiple dispensaries by state region. He raised this point thinking of the vastness of the state of Florida, and how it would be hard on patients to retrieve their medications after long driving distances. Seeing as this is a medical bill (even named a Compassionate one), shouldn't humanitarian concerns comfort be a priority? With this in mind, Jeffrey Feiler proposed a measure such as having patients travel no more than five miles to receive their low-THC cannabis.

Our other concern voiced in the Health Department hearing was that of the time lapses for dispensaries. In this first draft, it is said that applicants have a period of one month after the first payment, in which they must complete the facility according to regulations. Jeffrey Feiler pointed out that it cannot be expected that an entire specialized facility be built in thirty days. Here, he put forward the example of Colorado, where similar time lapses had been established and the state had to adjust the lapses as they turned out to be unrealistic.

The Feiler Firm is working hard toward making a real change in the humanitarian use of cannabis. This is why we are present at any event that can help us put forward betterment of this new law, and the reason we've been keeping you up to date with what's happening in our state in this regard.

If you want to learn more about Jeffrey Feiler's interventions click here to SEE VIDEO. (First Intervention: 02:03:00 to 02:10:30 Second Intervention: 03:09:40-03:17:00)

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