Medical Marijuana: United for Care's Success and What 2016 Will Bring

Posted on November 20, 2015 by Jeffrey Feiler

United for Care (People United for Medical Marijuana) has acquired a sufficient number of signed Petitions invoking Florida Supreme Court review of the language of the proposed 2016 Amendment. The 2014 Amendment met stiff opposition from State Attorney General Pam Bondi and Sherriff's from around the State. Ultimately, the Court approved the language and the amendment made the ballot in November of 2014, only to narrowly miss passing. This time, there is no opposition from those groups and the Court has cancelled the scheduled session for Oral Argument, since no one is arguing against the 2016 Amendment, which was re drafted to clarify a few ambiguities.

The cancellation of the Oral Argument appears to signal that the Court intends to approve the language, paving the way for the proposed amendment to appear on the November 2016 ballot, which will be during a presidential election. With greater turn out at the polls, the amendment is predicted to pass this time. Passage could create a medical marijuana industry in Florida along the lines of the original industry created in Colorado in 2010.

Additionally, Florida Legislature will be in session in January and February of 2016. They meet each year for 60 days. The session is typically in March and April, but it will meet earlier in 2016 than usual due to the upcoming November Presidential Election. It is anticipated that several marijuana bills will be proposed, including a bill to legalize marijuana with taxation and regulation, a bill to legalize medical marijuana, a bill to expand the presently enacted SB 103 Low THC law to create 20 dispensing organizations, a bill to permit terminally ill children (with less than one year to live) permission to use medical marijuana, and other bills of these sorts.

Presently, committees are reviewing these proposed bills to determine which, if any, will make it to the Floor for voting. The legislature has failed to pass any comprehensive every year and seems to be deeply divided internally on many issues, much less a controversial issue such as this. The only law ever passed was clearly to enrich special interests, and it has not even been implemented since it passed in 2014.

Attorney Jeffrey Feiler has substantial experience in Marijuana Law, based upon his involvement in Colorado marijuana Law since 2009. Mr. Feiler will represent entrepreneurs interested in obtaining Licenses in the Florida marijuana industry, should a Florida law pass and in accord with the policies of the United States Government.

Attorney Jeffrey Feiler is also a member of the Board of United for Care and specializes in marijuana law. For advice from a medical marijuana lawyer, contact the Feiler Law Firm at (305)670-7700.

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