The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act - Medical Cannabis Farms and Dispensaries

Posted on December 06, 2013 by Jeffrey Feiler

Even though the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act died in committee the summer of 2013, the Act does provide valuable insights as to how the Florida Legislature plans to treat medical marijuana farms and dispensaries when medical marijuana eventually becomes legal in the State of Florida.

The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act would have authorized the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to license medical marijuana farms and dispensaries through the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board. Both marijuana farms and dispensaries would be required to obtain a license from the Board before manufacturing, cultivating, dispensing, possessing, or distributing medical cannabis or paraphernalia.

A medical marijuana dispensary is a facility operated by an organization that is licensed in Florida. Once a dispensary obtains a license, it would be able to possess medical cannabis with the purpose of dispensing the medicine to qualifying patients or caregivers. A licensed medical marijuana farm may cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis only for the purpose of distribution to a licensed dispensary.

Licensed dispensaries may only distribute medical marijuana and paraphernalia to qualifying patients and caregivers who are registered to receive medical marijuana from that dispensary. Qualifying patients would be required to obtain a valid registration card, and present their card to the dispensary at the time of purchase.

The proposed law also places limits on the amount of medical marijuana a dispensary can possess and distribute. A dispensary may not directly dispense, within a 30-day period, more than four (4) ounces of dried medical cannabis, eight (8) mature marijuana plants, or eight (8) immature marijuana plants to a patient or caregiver. A dispensary also cannot distribute more than six (6) marijuana seedlings to a patient, or more than 16 marijuana seedlings to a caregiver within a 30-day period.

Each medical marijuana farm and dispensary would be required to implement a security plan to prevent the theft or diversion of medical marijuana, including keeping the marijuana in a secure, locked room that is accessible only by authorized personnel. Dispensaries would also receive education materials regarding potential drug interactions for patients and caregivers.

The proposed Act would also prohibit anyone with a drug-related felony, or a felon whose civil rights have not been restored, from being a director, officer, member, agent or employee of a medical farm or dispensary. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation would immediately revoke the license or permit of the medical farm or dispensary if they are in violation of this part of the Act.

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