United for Care Claims to Have Collected Over 1.1 Million Signatures for Ballot in Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Jeffrey Feiler

United for Care initiated a renewed effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. This organization planned to gather the 683,000 signatures needed to place the constitutional amendment for legalizing medical marijuana in Florida on the November 2014 ballot. Amazingly, they collected over 1.1 million signatures that were needed before a February 1st deadline!

With an invalidation rate of 25 percent, these 1.1 million signatures would be more than enough to reach the 683,189 voter signatures required to put an issue on the ballot. The Division of Elections has so far received only 470,056 certified signatures, and will have to validate at least 200,000 more before the deadline. An additional challenge is the requirement that the amendment get signatures equal to 8 percent of the voter turnout in the past presidential election, in at least 14 congressional districts, assuring statewide demand for an amendment

Once this amendment is included on the ballot, it must pass by 60% of the vote and Florida will join the other 20 states to approve marijuana for medical use. Most Floridians who will hopefully be allowed to have a choice in November have a positive attitude towards medical marijuana.

Hundreds of thousands of petitions must still be verified by county election supervisors before the February 1st deadline. As the Supervisors of Elections validate the last of the petitions, and we await the ruling of the Florida Supreme Court, voters must be educated on the flourishing Medical Marijuana industry.

Florida voters are capable of understanding that the Amendment will legalize medical marijuana for those with a doctor's prescription and should be given the choice of deciding for themselves. These 1.1 million signatures collected by United for Care accurately reflect voter sentiment over medical marijuana. Then, it is likely the Amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida will pass if it is on the ballot in November 2014.

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