Firm Overview

The Feiler Marijuana Law Firm is your medical marijuana legal advocate. We are here to help you learn how to legally follow changing medical marijuana rules and regulations in the State of Florida. Understand complex changes in legislation and how you can comply with state laws. Get ready and be prepared for major changes in how medical marijuana is treated and used in Florida.

At the Feiler Marijuana Law Firm, we can provide comprehensive legal advice that will help you on your journey in the medical marijuana field. Whether you are a grower, seller, caregiver, doctor, or patient, you are required to abide by Florida's medical marijuana laws – and as they change, compliance can become a challenge. We are here to help you deal with the many difficult legal scenarios surrounding developing state laws, licensure, dispensaries, and anything else surrounding the use, growth, and sale of medical marijuana.

If you have questions or concerns about medical marijuana in the State of Florida, the Feiler Marijuana Law Firm can guide you through the process. Contact us at (305) 662-5663 to begin your journey today!
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