Florida Medical Marijuana

Jeffrey Feiler is the Legal Advisor You Need for Florida Medical Marijuana

Many Floridians are confused or uneducated about the now existing and proposed laws but nevertheless are interested in ultimately obtaining lawful Licenses to operate legal Marijuana businesses in compliance with law upon the passage of Florida Law. Those proactive Citizens are seeking the advice of Counsel to guide them through the legal process. The Florida Bar has passed Rules permitting Attorneys to ethically give such advice.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana are illegal according to Federal Law. However, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued guidance to United States Attorneys directing them not to prosecute individuals and businesses operating in compliance with State laws in those State's which have robust enforcement of their laws. The Memorandums further address approximately eight activities (such as sales to minors) which will not be tolerated by the United States Government.

The Feiler Marijuana Law Firm has offices in Miami, Florida and Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Attorney Jeffrey Feiler played a critical role in providing consulting before, during, and after the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in Colorado. Jeffrey Feiler participated in the process whereby Colorado's ordinances were created and the development of the legalization of Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Colorado making himself and his law firm the best source of legal advice for Florida Medical Marijuana. Jeffrey Feiler is a member of the Board for United for Care, an organization that has been instrumental in the medical marijuana legalization movement and has placed the new Amendment 2 on the ballot for November 2016.

In 2016, Floridians submitted nearly 700,000 validated petitions in qualified districts. This was enough to place the Medical Marijuana Amendment on the November 2016 ballot. It will be named Amendment 2. Since the referendum will be on the ballot during a Presidential election, we can expect a much greater voter turnout. This increases the likelihood that it will pass. It is a Florida Constitutional Amendment, and therefore will require 60% of the vote to pass. Florida is a crucial "swing" State with many Electoral votes and has proven to be the difference in a recent Presidential election. Will this Legislature be able to agree upon a marijuana law? United for Care (People United for Medical Marijuana) has succeeded in getting Amendment 2 back on the Ballot. This Amendment is much like the Colorado Amendment, which has thus far proven to have created a well-regulated and well-enforced system.

The voters in Florida nearly passed the Medical Marijuana Amendment in 2014 with 58% voting in favor but just shy of the 60% needed. To lend perspective, 500,000 more votes were cast in favor of medical marijuana (3.5 Million) than even the prevailing Governor (Scott), who received 48% of the vote. Clearly, Floridians desire the passage of a Law which creates an Industry where entrepreneurial opportunities for Dispensary and Cultivation/Production businesses and jobs exist. They want to see a Florida where patients have access to the full range of Cannabinoids, including THC, to treat all of their ailments rather than just the few who benefit from the Low THC Law presently in effect. Truth be told, most of those who voted in 2014 in favor would like to have Recreational Marijuana permitted in this State and have it taxed and regulated as is alcohol.

In 2014, the Florida Legislature enacted House Bill 1030 which created five monopolistic dispensing organizations to cultivate, process and dispense low THC medical marijuana.

In 2016, the Florida Legislature enacted House Bill 307 which authorizes Dispensing Organizations to cultivate, process, transport, and dispense medical cannabis to include the whole cannabis plant. It does not require a certain composition of cannabinoids. The Bill allows Dispensing Organizations to dispense, and physicians to order, the full range of medical cannabis including THC but only for qualified patients - those patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition under the Right To Try Act (RITA). According to RITA, the patient must have a progressive disease, or a medical or surgical condition that causes significant functional impairment. Under these conditions, the patient's condition is not considered by the physician to be reversible, and, without the administration of life-sustaining procedures, the condition will result in death within 1 year after diagnosis if the condition runs its normal course. Under HB307, dispensing organizations that meet certain criteria are to be granted cultivation authorization and are to be permitted to operate for the full term of their original approval and all subsequent renewals.

The Feiler Marijuana Law firm is prepared to help entrepreneurs understand and navigate through the legal process with the desired objective to obtain Dispensary and Cultivation/Production Licenses. We have resources at our disposal which can help identify qualifying locations for future Dispensaries. Through relationships with Colorado companies such as Green Tree Medicinals, we have access to the advice, the knowledge and experience to assist our Clients who wish to cultivate the plant, extract oils, create medicines, create edible products, create testing laboratories or participate in just about any and every dimension of Medical Marijuana. The firm is prepared to act as Marijuana Legal Consultants.

The Feiler Marijuana Law Firm, experienced in this area of law, is committed to assisting Florida Citizens to understand and obey the laws of Florida and the Policy of the United States Department of Justice. The purpose of our legal representation is to comply with existing law, understand the law as it evolves, and, if and when possible, to assist our Clients to obtain lawful licensure. Indeed, the Law Firm will not counsel nor tolerate any Client who does not follow the law. Clients shall not possess, distribute, cultivate nor manufacture Marijuana or Paraphernalia unless and until such time as it is legal in the State of Florida and in accordance with the policy of the Federal Government. Our mission is to keep our Clients fully informed of the laws and to prevent them from being subjected to legal jeopardy. Any Fee agreed upon and paid to the Law Firm is a fee for legal and advisory services only and not for any other purpose and must be paid with legitimately lawfully obtained funds.
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